Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What a Weekend

We had a GREAT 4th of July weekend. It was one of those times when your kids are great, we have fun as a family, and everything goes well. We dont have tons of these with an infant and two year old, but when they come, they are great!

We started with the Provo Colonial days on center street. Pretty fun, with exhibits on lace making, blacksmith, etc. Sidney tried to reach but her arms are just too short (she is 20th% in height and weight, so...). This massive family band was on stage jamming to old folk and country classics. Sidney decided she was interested, and sat quietly and watched them perform nearly a dozen songs.

Thursday night we went camping up Provo canyon with PJ, Sean and their wives. We had foil dinners, corn on the cob, and smores. The next morning we found a spot to pull out the launcher (thanks berry fam) and clay pigeons and do some shooting.

I was the star as I pulled 10 straight. I could have done much more but the kids were done and we had to go :( But, it was tons of fun to shoot again and know that I still got it. Telisha pulled 3/5 twice, and was content with that.

Sidney decided that she should be able to shoot as well, so with my help she had a good time holding the trigger and looking down the barrell. She especially liked it when I let off about 10 rounds as fast as I could with the semi-auto! She laughed pretty hard!

Friday night at the missionary fields south of the temple brought games, homemade ice cream, bubbles, and fireworks. Sidney had lots of fun!

After a long sleep and lazy Saturday morning, we went up to Heber to ride the Heber Valley Railroad. The 1 & 1/2 hour ride through part of town and along the lake was great. Sidney loved to "Choo choo", watch the scenery outside, and even got to be the conductor for a while. Her reaction made the trip more than worth it. We took chinese chicken salad(thanks Mosers) and ate it at the station, then went to Dairy Keen (not a spelling error) for some ice cream.

It was a great weekend of relaxation and "wholesome recreational activities"! Families are forever, and kids are mostly awesome to have!!! :)

One last pic- Sidney sporting her July 4th hairpiece from her aunt Bree!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Go up, thou Bald Head!

So as all know Owen was born with a full head of solid red hair. Telisha loved it instantly, and Nate had come to enjoy it.

Unfortunately, within the past few weeks his locks have slowly started to go away, and his hair line has receeded fairly far. It still didnt look so bad, until just last week when it started to really come out in near clumps.
Telisha was really distraught about it, so we decided to take matters into our own hands. To those who remember, it was kind of like when Grandma had cancer, and rather than let it fall out we had a "ceremonial" cutting. Rather than suffering through clumpy, patchy hair, we took the shears to it and gave him a new look.

He doesnt look the happiest in this one, but it's not because of the hair. It was really late and he was really tired.

We like his new cut, and hope that it will come back soon (but this time blond!!!)
We love our children, and hope that in the future they will have the long full locks that they deserve.