Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Sid!!

Sidney turned 2 on the 23rd. We had her party on Tuesday, and it was awesome. Sidney invited some of her friends over and they all seem to have had a good time. To start they made some coffee filter butterflies. Watercolors and clothes pins.

After the craft we had presents. Sidney got some bubbles, coloring books, a bike, a little camping chair, and her favorite, a little velcrow glove and baseball.

Lady bug and caterpillar cupcakes with ice cream were a massive hit!

After dessert we went outside and had a search for candy and bugs. Each of the kids got a little magnifying glass (Sidney seemed to have the most fun with it!!!) and went around and had a good time.

Overall it was Telisha's incredible abilities as a party planner and mother that made Sidney's party an awesome event!!

Happy Birthday Sidney

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Weekend of Water

On Friday, BYU had a term ending party with water, games, and free food. So we took Sid and had a good time. The highlights were the dunk tank and the "water slide". I got in the tank and Telisha went after it. It only took her 3 balls to sink me. She has quite an arm when she really wants to hit something :) Also, the "water slide" was fun with Sid and I. I pushed her the first time, and when she stopped she just laid there wondering what to do next. I had to go get her and tell her we should go again.

On Saturday some friends of ours invited us to the local pool/waterpark for a going away party. They had 2 adults slides, as well as a fun kid area. Sidney really enjoyed going on the "BIG Slides" with me. I'm proud that we've got her wanting to do things like that, as there were lots of other kids there older than her who werent that excited about it.

Here are a few picks at the park- T in the water, Sidney and I laying out, and another with Sidney and her friends Aubrey and Lucy just hangin'!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Seattle Dinner Nap

After being up at 4 am to catch an early flight, Sidney was exhausted and we noticed her falling asleep at the dinner table. Sorry the video is so bumpy, I couldn't stop laughing! She tried even to put more food in her mouth, and it just fell right out!!

This is us (Nathan, Telisha, Sidney and Owen) at my brothers wedding. What a happy family!